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  • Internet Programming

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  • Power flow control using fuzzy based UPFC under different operating conditions

    Now a days power system network operates at different states due to variation in load demand. As a result, the power flow in transmission line keeps on changing which needs to be controlled precisely. Therefore, in this paper an attempt to control power flow in transmissi...

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  • A smart trolley with rfid implementation: A survey among customers

    Smart trolley with Innovative RFID is proposed to facilitate users while shopping. It provides several benefits such as to facilitate users to search for things quickly without looking for assistants from promoter for the location of the items, to inform customers the amount of...

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  • Hardware efficient vein enhancement and feature extraction method

    In this paper, an improved method for vein enhancement and feature extraction is proposed. The proposed method is aimed to be implemented in hardware. It uses image resampling to reduce the number of pixels in the vein image, thus reducing the cost of computation. Then, D...

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  • Optimization of a batch CaO-catalyzed transesterification of used domestic waste oil with methanol and elucidation of a mathematical correlation between biodiesel yield and percent conversion

    The major drawback of the wide applicability of biodiesel is its price compared to the conventional petro-diesel. The feedstock and the applied catalyst in the transesterification reaction are the main contributor for the overall cost of the biodiesel production. Thus, this study summar...

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  • Mobile Banking Adoption : The Impacts of Social Influence, Ubiquitous Finance COntrol and Perceived Trust on Customer Loyalty

    Retaining existing customer is a challenging task for any business. The banks are facing difficulties in retaining the existing mobile banking users. Customers loyalty is an important factor for usage continuation by the customers. This study develops and test a model by incorporating&#...

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  • A systematic Mapping Study : Human Computer Interaction In Teaching and Learning

    The advance use of technology and application leads the growth of Human Computer Interaction (HCI) in many areas including teaching and learning. There are many studies of HCI in supporting teaching and learning being conducted. However, limited research and findings investigate the imp...

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  • Optimization of batch Novozym435-catalyzed transesterification of waste cooking oil with methanol for biodiesel production in a solvent-free medium

    In this study, response surface methodology based on face center composite – 1/2 factorial fraction design (FCCD) of experiments was employed to optimize the batch transesterification process of waste cooking oil as one of the most abundant and readily available domestic wastes wit...

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  • Development of cost effective Ultrasonic Testing thickness measurement specimens and basic laboratory guidelines for UniKL MIMET

    The aim of this research is to develop a cost effective ultrasonic testing thickness measurement specimens and basic laboratory guidelines for UniKL MIMET. Two specimens has been fabricated with 6 different profiles thickness on the first specimen and 3 different profiles thickness on&#...

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  • Multiple-solute salts as draw solution for osmotic concentration of succinate feed by forward osmosis

    This study investigated the use of multiple-solute salts as potential draw solution (DS) for forward osmosis (FO) process. The novel concept of applying readily available waste byproducts as DS is briefly described in this paper. Two organic salts (sodium acetate and sodium formate)...

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