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  • Internet Programming

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  • Statistical Cross-Correlation Band Features Based Thought Controlled Communication System

    In this research work, a simple Electroencephalogram (EEG) based imagery vocabulary classification system has been developed for the Differentially Enabled (DE) communities, to communicate their needs with the outside world. The proposed communication system consists of a simple data acquisition ...

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  • Effects of hydrothermal ageing on the behavior of composite tubes under multiaxial stress ratios

    The effects of accelerated hydrothermal ageing on the behaviour of composite tubes under multiaxial stress were experimentally investigated. A set of [±55°]4 tubes were hydrothermally aged at 80 °C for 1500 h. An indigenous automated test rig was fabricated to accommodate five stress&#x...

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  • The characteristic of temperature curves for friction stir welding of aluminium alloy 6063-T6 pipe during tool plunging stage

    Friction stir welding (FSW) is originally designed to cater to metals which are difficult to weld such as aluminium. This solid state joining process utilizes frictional heat produced by the high rotating tool to soften and stir (joint) these adjoining sections together without uti...

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  • Temperature Profile and Fracture Location of Frictions Welded AA6063-T6 Pipe Butt Joint

    Friction stir welding (FSW) is a new promising solid state joining process which utilizes frictional heat to soften and joint (stirred) both metals together. This process is mainly invented to cater for a difficult-to-weld material such as aluminium but nowadays can be used to ...

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  • Ionic imprinting polymers using diallylaminomethyl-calix[4] resorcinarene host for the recognition of Pb (II) Ions

    A novel ion-imprinted microspheres of copolymerized diallylaminomethyl-calix [4] resorcinarene and divinylbenzene were prepared through precipitation polymerization. These microspheres were used for the adsorption experiments of Pb (II) ions mixture solution containing Pb (II), Ni (II) and Cu (II). The...

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  • Furfural Production from Oil Palm Biomass Using a Biomass-derived Supercritical Ethanol Solvent and Formic Acid Catalyst

    This research aimed to produce furfural from oil palm biomass via a biomass-derived solvent (supercritical ethanol) and catalyst (formic acid). The process is 100% biomass-based without the addition of any synthetic chemicals. Ethanol can be produced from biomass through biochemical or therm...

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  • Incorporation of bactericidal nanomaterials in development of antibacterial membrane for biofouling mitigation: A mini review

    Biofouling has become concern issue in all pressure driven membrane technology. The attachment of microorganism to the membrane surface gave an effect to membrane life span, increased operating and maintenance costs. Therefore, this review is focusing on the development of nanocomposite memb...

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  • The Knowledge And Attitude Of Medical Students Towards Values And Cultural Competence In Medical Education And Health-Care Services

    There is an increased need for all health professionals to better respond to the population health and health care necessities of racial and ethnic minorities. The present surveillance was conducted among the clinical year students of UniKL-RCMP to assess their knowledge and attitude&#x...

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  • Measuring validity and reliability of perception of online collaborative learning questionnaire using rasch model

    This study aims to generate empirical evidence on the validity and reliability of Perception of Online Collaborative Learning Questionnaire (POCLQ) using Rasch model. The questionnaire was distributed to 32 (N=32) Diploma Hotel Catering students from Politeknik Ibrahim Sultan, Johor (PIS). Data&#...

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