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  • Internet Programming

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  • 11th National Chem E Car Competition 2016

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  • Tri-Objective Optimization Of Carbon Steel Spot-Welded Joints

    The investigation was intended to optimize tri-objective of the welding parameters on tensile-shear (TS) strength, Fusion Zone (FZ) size and Heat Affected Zone (HAZ) size development in resistance spot welding (RSW) process of similar sheet metals joint. The experimental studies were conduct...

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  • Biochar Application in Malaysian Sandy and Acid Sulfate Soils: Soil Amelioration Effects and Improved Crop Production over Two Cropping Seasons

    The use of biochar as an agricultural soil improvement was tested in acid sulfate and sandy soils from Malaysia, cropped with rice and corn. Malaysia has an abundance of waste rice husks that could be used to produce biochar. Rice husk biochar was produced in a gasif...

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  • Composite Nonlinear Feedback Control with Multi-objective Particle Swarm Optimization for Active Front Steering System

    The purpose of controlling the vehicle handling is to ensure that the vehicle is in a safe condition and following its desire path. Vehicle yaw rate is controlled in order to achieve a good vehicle handling. In this paper, the optimal Composite Nonlinear Feedback (CNF) co...

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  • A Review on Quality Management Systems Maintenance Framework based on Process Based Management, Knowledge Quality and Knowledge Self-efficacy

    The Quality Management Systems (QMS) maintenance issue during post certification of ISO9001:2008 is an important issue to the business community. There are many certificates which have been withdrawn by the certification body from the ISO9001:2008 certified companies. This situation has initiated...

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  • State-Dependent Boundary Layer Method For Attitude Control Of Satellite

    Sliding mode control is known to be robust against parameter uncertainties and external disturbances. Based on the dynamic equation of motion, a sliding mode controller is designed to solve this problem. However, for the sliding surface to be attractive, a switching function is use...

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  • Open Space Nozzle

    The project is made to deliver the fabrication of a new type GMAW nozzle as it is changing the flow of gas during GMAW process. The flow of gas id depend through the different number of hole of the nozzle to make a shielding gas pattern to protect weld ...

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  • The Impact of Reward Structures on Job Satisfaction among Academic Staff in Universiti Kuala Lumpur

    Job satisfaction has a profound impact towards any institutions. This study seeks to investigate the levels of job satisfaction towards reward structures among academic staff in Universiti Kuala Lumpur. The significant relationship between reward structures on job satisfaction is examined as ...

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  • Hubungan Antara Teori Kesedaran Kendiri Dengan Teori Kognitif Sosial, Teori Goleman Dan Teori Astin

    Artikel ini membincangkan mengenai rangka konseptual yang telah dibina berdasarkan perkaitan antara teori yang menunjukkan hubungan antara kesedaran kendiri boleh membentuk sahsiah pelajar. Pelajar yang mempunyai kesedaran kendiri berupaya menguasai diri dalam menentukan kekuatan dan kelemahan diri serta b...

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